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Illinois Club Relays!!
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 5:01 pm

The UC Running Club traveled to Illinois over the weekend to compete in the University of Illinois Track Club Relays. Fourteen teams made the trip as well as nine men and five women from UC.

Cincinnati had runners in almost every running event including relays. A couple of outstanding performances were run by Emily Krumel placing 7th overall in the 3,000m running an impressive 11:16 as well as a 5:46 in the mile. Megan Rieger and Gabby Bobadilla finished within less than a second of each other coming in at 5:57 in the mile.

The men also had runners compete most running events. Matt Schluneker led all UC times in the mile and 3,000 with times of 4:36 and 9:07. A couple other UC men ran a sub 5 mile including Jack Randall (4:50) Ian Klinger (4:57) and Nick Kienzle (4:58).

The women tied with Purdue for 8th place out of 12 events scored and a total of 12 teams and the men finished 12th out of 12 events with 14 teams. Next event for the UC Running Club is the Hoosier Half Marathon April 6th in Bloomington Ind.



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UCRC takes on Nationals; Men 26th Women 13th
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 2:33 pm

Hershey, PA- The UC Running Club returned to Clifton on Sunday after traveling to Pennsylvania for Nationals Hosted by NIRCA at the Parkview Golf Course, Hershey, PA. A total of 985 runners participated in either the 6k or 8k and over 45 teams from all over the country represented their college’s colors. The meet was divided into 4 races both a men and women’s “A” and “B” race. Cincinnati had a total of 15 runners and brought home the world’s largest chocolate bar for donating the most shoes.

The Women had all runners compete in the “A” race and finished 13th out of 32 teams. The Bearcats were led by Junior Emily Krumel (24:55) who came in 52nd. First year runner Gabby Bobadilla (25:19) rounded out the top 100 with a 67th place finish. Sophomore Amanda Harris (26:30) was quickly followed by third year runner Brittany Hoverman (26:54). Danielle Hoverman (27:08) and Melanie Zinser (27:44) rounded out the scoring and finished in the top 150 out of a field of 217 runners.

The men had runners in both the A and B race. Despite some injuries they finished 26th out of 45 teams. Another solid effort by Senior Matt Schluneker (27:48) led all UC runners in his last NIRCA nationals. Following behind was Third year Ian Klinger (28:59) and first year runner Jack Randall (29:09). Rounding out the top 5 were first year runner Kevin Holthaus (29:24) and finishing right behind was President Nick Kienzle (29:25). Rounding out the scoring was Kyle Lipton (29:39) and Ian Blanding (30:44). There were 307 runners in the “A” race. The club also had two runners in the “B” race. Senior Jake Hahn (33:24) and first year Andrew Beerman (33:57) both finished in a field of 313 runners.

University of Virginia won the women’s race and Becky Boyle from Indiana University won the race with a time of (22:31). University of Oregon was crowned champions for the men. Joey Murray from Virginia Tech won the individual race with a time of 25:26. That wraps it up for racing in 2012. Stay tuned for any local races and listen for what events are planned for the spring! #UCRC #HottestCollegeinAmerica;)


For Results and video:


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Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 3:27 pm

Bloomington- The UCRC returned to clifton saturday after traveling to Bloomington Indiana this past weekend to compete in the Great Lakes Regionals hosted by NIRCA. Ten total teams made the trip and 279 runners participated.

Matt Schluneker led all UC Runners with a 13th place finish an honorable mention and a time of 27:33. Following matt was a group of UC runners all finishing within 30 seconds of each other. Ian Klinger (42nd) who came in at 29:12 was quickly followed by Nick Kienzle (45th) who finished just three seconds after in 29:15. Rounding out the top 5 was first year runner Kevin Holthaus (51st) and Stephen pair (58th) who each came in at 29:29 and 29:38. Other UC runners were junior Sam Hahn (103rd, 31:37) Key Beck ( 109th, 31:45) making his debut with the running club and Jake Hahn (129, 33:19). The men placed seventh with a total score of 156.

The women were lead by Emily Krumel who recorded a 14th place finish which was good enough for an honorable mention and a time of 24:57. Following Emily was first year runner Gabby Bobadilla (20th) who came in at 25:21. Making her debut with the running club was Maddie Jenkins (25th) coming in at 25:43. Within six seconds of each other were a pack of UC runners. Lead by Melanie Zinser (39th, 27:03) followed by Tina Roessner (40th, 27:05) Brittany Hoverman (41st, 27:09) and Danielle Hoverman (42,27:09). The race was a special one for Tina, as it was her last NIRCA run. The club has been lucky to have her over the last 4 years and will miss her!  The women finished fourth overall with a team score of 123 in the Great Lakes which is one of the toughest regions.

Indiana won the team event for the men almost sweeping the race with runners coming in 1-4. Michigan placed first for the women with a team score of 39. The UCRC will return to action November 10th for NIRCA nationals in Hershey, PA.



Ball State Invite
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 8:55 pm

Anderson, Ind- The University of Cincinnati Running Club took part in the MC5 Cross country invitational hosted by the Ball State Runners Association this past weekend at Mounds State Park. Three teams participated in the event.

The men’s team finished second led by Matt Schluneker who took a first place finish. Following Matt was Jack Randall who ran his first race with club and finished second. Miami University secured the win with a total of 26 points leaving UC to trail by 3 points. There were many new members who came out for their first trip. Ian Blanding made his debut with the running club after running at Central Michigan the year before. It was a good start for the season and going into regionals there is a good nucleus of young talent.

The women’s team also finished second led by Brittany Hoverman. Short on runners looked like it may have been a problem early on in the week but it didn’t seem to affect the results saturday. With just enough to score as a team the women ran as a pack the entire race: Danielle Hoverman, Gabby Bobadilla, and Amanda Harris all finished within a few spots of one another. Viona Zhang made her debut with UC after running with the miami running club last year.

Everyone made an improvement over the past year and the numbers are looking to be one of the highest in the history of the club. With such a young roster and gaining some key runners back the UCRC is looking to make a splash at this years regionals October 27th in Bloomington Ind.


Queen City Invite!!!!!!
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 10:59 am

Cincinnati, Ohio- The University of Cincinnati Running Club returned to action for the first time this fall at the 31st annual Queen City Invite this past Friday at Mount Airy. Our big brother program (University of Cincinnati men’s and women’s cross country) hosted the event.  There were twelve teams in all, ranging from the greater Cincinnati area as well as Kentucky.

The Men took to the line first. There were a total of 135 runners who took to the start. Matt Schluneker led all Running clubbers with a 41st overall place and a time of 16:56. Followed by Matt were two longtime Running Clubbers Jason Barhorst (17:47) and Adam Hehr (18:24). Newcomer Ryan Westfall (18:35) ran his first race with the club as well as Jay Hickey, who finished in 20 minutes flat. Finishing in seconds after Ryan was Kyle Lipton (18:46) who rounded out the scoring. The 5 scorers all finished in the top 75. The men were able to secure an eleventh place spot. Nick Kienzle (19:14) and Sam Hahn (20:10) rounded out the rest of the team.

The women took to the course as well as ten other teams and 107 total runners. Danielle Hoverman (21:52) lead the way with a 47th overall finish. Followed by Danielle was Emily Krumel (22:04) and newcomer Gabby Bobadilla (22:59) who ran her first race with club and was the only freshman to race at Queen City. Tina Roessner (23:03) and Claire Simpson (23:14) finished just one spot after one another to round out the top 5. Third year runner Brittany Hoverman (26:57) rounded out the women. The women had a tenth place team finish.

Thomas Ohlman (Xavier) won the men’s race in 15:36 and Darcy Mascotti (Cumberlands) won the women’s race in 18: 41. The UCRC will return to competition for the NIRCA opener September 29th at the MC5 invite at Mounds State Park, Ind. Hosted by Ball State Runners’ Association.


Men: http://nkunorse.com/custompages/stats/xcountry/2012/QCImensoverall.htm

Women: http://nkunorse.com/custompages/stats/xcountry/2012/QCIwomensoverall.htm


Running Club video:2011-2012
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 7:47 am

So there were many Kodak moments that we’ve had this year. Whether it was the Run Like Hell, the classic running club parties, or the trips to Indiana, North Carolina, and Michigan. Here’s a little video of some of these moments that we can cherish and for others never live them down. It’s all in good fun, can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us!

University of Cincinnati Running Club Presents: The Donut Dash!
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 3:59 pm

Date: Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Time: 11:00 am

Location: McMicken Commons

Race Description

The UC Running Club is holding the second annual Donut Dash! The Donut Dash is a 1 mile race on campus.  It will start and finish on McMicken Commons.  Five minutes before the race, each runner will get the chance to eat as many donuts as they can. Runners will be in a corral based on donuts they think they can eat. Each donut you consume will subtract 5 seconds off of your mile time. If you don’t like donuts or don’t want to eat them before your run you can “dough-nate” canned goods instead.  Each canned good “dough-nated” is equivalent to eating a donut. If you want to bring canned goods AND eat donuts feel free to do so!



do you donut?

You can run the Donut Dash as an individual in an attempt to be crowned the Donut Eating Champion, or you can make a team of up to 8 people and compete against the other teams.  There will be sweet prizes awarded to both!


Competing against mile time, donuts eaten, and canned goods donated.  Unlimited amount of cans can be donated.

Cost: $8 or 3 canned goods + $5 (each canned good is equivalent to $1)

Race day registration beginning at 10:30 for individuals only!


Competing collectively on time, donuts, and canned goods donated.  So the total cumulative time will have the amount of donuts and canned goods subtracted off composed of 8 people.  Any team members WILL NOT be part of the individual competition. You are unique to the team competition.  All members must run and finish to avoid disqualification.  The lowest time wins.  Unlimited cans can be donated!

Cost: $20 + 20 canned goods per team

All donuts will be provided by the Dunkin Donuts on Glenway and Beechmont.

All canned goods will be donated to St. George Food Pantry on W. McMillan Street!

 Here is a video of last year!


 Check out who will be making an appearance!


NIRCA Road Nationals
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 3:54 pm

Bloomington, Ind.- The UC running club traveled to Indiana University to take part in the second annual NIRCA Road Nationals in conjunction with the IU mini marathon and 5k hosted by the Indiana Running Company this weekend.

UC had all runners participate in the half-marathon that covered Indiana’s campus. Both events featured twenty teams. The course was 13.1 miles in length, scenic, and had many rolling hills.  Thirteen teams ran in the half-marathon for a total of 135 NIRCA runners and 530 overall. The teams were scored by the top three runners of each team’s total time added up.

The Women finished in second place out of eight teams with a total time of 4:41:11. Kelly Meyer and Melissa Helton finished back to back first and second for UC and were the 6th and 7th overall NIRCA women to cross the line followed by Danielle Hoverman to round out the team scoring who was the 10th overall NIRCA woman. Emily Krumel (12th) and Tina Roessner (14th) finished 4th and 5th for UC. All UC runners cracked the top 15 for the overall NIRCA women.

The Men finished in fourth place out of eleven teams with a total time of 3:52:18. Matt Schluneker finished first for UC and 5th place overall out of the NIRCA men. Nick Kienzle (17th) and Adam Hehr (25th) rounded out the men’s team overall scoring. The three finished in the NIRCA top 25 and finished in under 80 minutes. Tyler Frazier (27th) finished fourth for UC and two spots behind Adam. Sam Hahn (43rd) and Andrew Flanagan (63rd) rounded out the UC men in the NIRCA standings.

Jason Barhorst returned and ran in the Half-marathon group finishing in twenty-first place overall with a time of 1:18:07. There were some big improvements this year at the half marathon championship. Many PR’s were set and every UC runner finished in under 100 minutes.


“Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not demanding more from yourself – expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence. You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip.” –Dean Karnazes

 NIRCA Results/Team Score:


 Overall Results:




Illinois Club Relays
Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 11:28 am

Illinois- The UC running club returned home this past weekend after many big performances as UC unfolded competition racing at the Illinois club relays on February 25th. There were 14 teams in total. Out of the eleven events scored the women took 9th out of 13 and the men took 12th out of 14 teams.

The relays included a 4×200 4×400 4×800 and 4×1600 with a 60 meter dash, a 3000-meter run and some field events. Cincinnati had a runner in almost every event mostly in the 3000. The women had three runners finish in the top 15 running together in a pack. Kelly Meyer (10th) Emily Krumel (11th) and Tina Roessner (12th) out of 30 runners. The men also finished strong in the 3000. Matt Schluneker (20th) Jason Barhorst (35th) Adam Hehr (45th) Nick Kienzle (60th) and Sam Hahn (63rd). There were 77 total runners for the men.

Illinois swept the event in both the Men and Women’s events compiling a 168-combined team score. UC will return to the road nationals on March 31st in Bloomington Indiana for the IU half marathon as the women look to defend their title. Results from the past weekend show every event/runner and can be found on the link below:




Posted by Andrew (Webmaster) 3:43 pm

Charlotte, NC- The University of Cincinnati Running Club returned home this past weekend after competing at the NIRCA Nationals in North Carolina. There were a total of 40 teams and over 800 runners from across the Nation.

The Men finished 20th out of 40 teams in the 8k race while the women finished 11 out of 26 teams in the 6k race. The weather was perfect and the course was for the most part flat and fast. Many runners set a personal best this weekend.

Derek Williams led all UC runners with a time of 26:04 setting a new running club record for the 8k. Followed by Derek was Matt Schluneker  (26:28) finishing second for the Bearcats. Kyle Lipton (27:32) finished third in his first nationals appearance followed by Adam Hehr (27:56) and Nick Kienzle (28:33) who rounded out the scoring for the men for a team score of 628. Other notable finishes for the men were Tyler Waldie (29:07) Sam Hahn (29:09) and Tyler Frazier who competed in his first ever cross country race finishing in 29:18. Rounding out the men were Jake Hahn (31:51) and Andrew Flanagan (31:56).

Running Club Alumni Jason Barhorst represented UC in the Open/Alumni 5k finishing in 6th place with a time of 16:57.

As for the Women Melissa Helton led all UC runners with a finishing time of 23:40. Kelly Meyer finished second for UC just seven spots behind in 23:54. Emily Krumel (24:50) Tina Roessner (25:14) and Danielle Hoverman (25:24) rounded out the team scoring for the women for an overall team score of 335 beating out Florida by 5 points. Other performers were Brittany Hoverman (26:51) and Amanda Harris competing in her first race for UC in 27:21.

Illinois swept the event in both the Men’s race and Women’s. Andy Weaver (23:59) of Delaware and Elizabeth Suda (21:27) of Florida won individually. Saturday brings a close to the NIRCA Cross Country series. The club will continue to run throughout the winter and spring.